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Main Functions of Capsule Filling Machine

There are all kinds of machines available in the market, which can make the work of the pharmaceutical companies easier. Some of them are the Capsule Polishing machine and the Capsule Filling Machine. While the polishing machine is quite useful for polishing the capsules, the filling machine is used for filling inside the capsules.

The automatic filling machines are fully automatic and do not require any kind of human intervention. It goes through an entire process of capsule orientation, capsule opening, filling up of powder in the capsule, and closing of the capsules. So, different types of granules, powder, and pellets can be fed into these machines. 

Capsule filling machine

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The filling machines can be highly useful for filling up medicinal powder, natural food, health food, etc. The machines also have sensors, which can ensure the continuous flow of the powder and the empty capsules, so that the machine does not get interrupted in between.

Basically, the machines are divided into feeding section, inspection section and polishing section. In the feeding section, the capsules are passed through the vibrator, where some of the powder gets collected in the collector, due to vibration. 

In the Inspection section, the capsules are inspected minutely and are moved on the conveyor belt, and the defective capsules are removed from the belt. The capsule polishing machine has a filter cloth, spiral nylon brush, and a powder collector area. 

The capsules travels from end to end of the brush, where they get cleaned and polished by the filter cloth and the nylon bristles. So, this makes the capsules polished, clean and glossy.