The Cost Structure of a Demolition Service Agency

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Demolition is not just going in, breaking the walls and floor, and making the building fall down. It involves many tasks such as inspection, review, salvaging, disposing of, recycling, and clearing. With these many steps involved, each one could have a different price tag, pushing the total cost of service to a height. However, some companies might offer a complete package for hiring them. Here are some factors that determine how much the demolition company will charge so that you can understand and negotiate accordingly.

  • Structure’s Size: That’s an obvious one. The bigger the building, the higher will be its cost of demolition and vice versa. But that’s not just the area of land but the built area that needs to be removed.
  • Toxic Element Detection and Removal: Older buildings may be prone to toxic elements like asbestos. This fibrous material was banned after years of usage in construction materials. Thus, if any such factor is involved, the team might quote a separate charge for the detection and removal of harmful toxins in the house.
  • Materials Used: Not all homes are made equal. You will find woodwork in some homes and concrete in others. Besides, metal and stonework could also be present in the structure. Wood can be easily demolished and metal/concrete would require dedicated tools and more time/effort. Thus, the latter will be costlier to demolish than the former.
  • Debris Clearing: After the demolition, debris cleaning is another essential service. If you are getting all these from a single service provider, you might negotiate better on all the terms.

While these are all the services you will get from local demolition contractors, there may be an additional charge for any permit required for the job.