The Ultimate Comparison For All Your 3D solutions

Wherever you look, companies are exploring the potential of 3D modeling, whether that’s expanding their catalog features with a 3D viewer or creating immersive experiences.

However, just having a portfolio of 3D models isn’t enough. To get the most from this tech, it's vital to know what you can do with a 3D model, and what’s currently possible within realistic budgets.

Why do companies implement 3D and AR solutions?

If you haven’t been persuaded by the benefits of 3D modeling, it’s time to think again. Companies across the world are seeing huge benefits from adopting AR and 3D visualization from, and they are using the technology in multiple ways.

There are many business reasons to adopt 3D and AR:

  • Connecting products and real-world situations – AR technology allow customers to place furniture in their own bedrooms or even style fashion and cosmetics on themselves without stepping inside a store. This helps to build confidence that purchasing decisions are correct, which boosts conversions.

  • Increasing user engagement – Standard eCommerce websites can feel bland. Adding a 3D viewer or even 3D lifestyle scenes to the mix can make sites more interactive and more enjoyable to use. This results in longer visits and – eventually – more purchases.

  • Catering for mobile shoppers – 3D modeling works brilliantly with smartphone-based eCommerce. Shoppers browsing on mobile devices appreciate being able to explore every aspect of a product’s features and aesthetics in a format that’s fast and easy to use – exactly what a 3D viewer provides.

  • Punching above their weight – Forward-thinking companies have used AR and 3D modeling to gain an advantage over the competition.